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We are an astute group of Personal Trainers devoting our lives to the cause of maximising an exceptional and auxiliary wellness program for the forthcoming of a robust foundation – directly to your business.

Our Corporate Wellness Schemes are individually designed and tailored to support and encourage a totally holistic approach to your employees’ wellbeing, productivity + performance. We will construct a unique healthy and all-inclusive approach to the employees within the organisation through our in-depth client assessments.  Ranging from genetic – psychological – functionality – movement patterns – posture testing.



Physical exercise in the UK

  • ‘Brits are 20% less active than in the 1960s’ – if this rate continues, we will be ‘35% less active by 2030’
  • ‘1 in 4 women and 1 in 5 men are inactive doing less than 30 minutes of moderate physical exercise per week’
  • ‘Only 34% of men and 24% of women undertake muscle strengthening activities at least twice a week’
  • ‘Men are more likely than women to average 6 or more hours of total sedentary (sitting) time on both weekdays and at weekends’
  • ‘It costs 7.4 billion a year to the UK’ from lack of physical exercise’

 Public Health England

‘Overall we are becoming more inactive’


Why does exercise matter?

-Prevent risk of chronic conditions and diseases such as:

  • Early mortality by 30%
  • Cardiovascular disease by 35%
  • Type 2 Diabetes by 40%
  • Colon cancer by 30%
  • Breast cancer by 20%
  • Depression by 30%
  • Bone fracture by 68%
  • Dementia by 30%

Public Health England

Centre for Cancer Prevention, Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine, Queen Mary University of London, Charterhouse Square, London, UK.

Other Benefits of Physical Exercise




Reduce stress

‘86% of employees were less stressed when frequently exercised’

-K. Worth, P. Green & T. Bliss (2010).

-Childs, E., & de Wit, H. (2014).

Improved Sleep quality

+ quality of life

Sleep quality improved ‘20-50%’ when  consistently exercised

-Yang PY, Ho KH, Chen HC, Chien MY (2012)

-King AC, Pruitt LA, Woo S, Castro CM, Ahn DK, Vitiello MV, Woodward SH, Bliwise DL (2008).

-Reid, K. J., Baron, K. G., Lu, B., Naylor, E., Wolfe, L., & Zee, P. C. (2010).

– Passos GS, Poyares D, Santana MG, D’Aurea CV, Youngstedt SD, Tufik S, de Mello MT (2011).

Reduced anxiety

‘A Reduction of anxiety – sensitivity comes from regular exercise’

-Anderson, E., & Shivakumar, G. (2013).

-Smits J. A., Berry A. C., Rosenfield D., Powers M. B., Behar E., Otto M. W. (2008)

-Ströhle A., Graetz B., Scheel M., Wittmann A., Feller C., Heinz A., et al. (2009)

Increase self-efficacy

‘exercise can increase self-efficacy by providing experience of successfully coping with the stress of exercise’

‘As fitness improves, the individual receives feedback of greater endurance, less pain, greater duration capabilities, etc. As a result, self-efficacy will increase’

Petruzzello S. J., Landers D., Hatfield B., Kubitz K., Salazar W. A. (1991)

Effects of wellness incentives and free online educational programs?

Well, according to (Abraham, J, A et al., 2015)  a wellness benefit for membership in a gym will only be useful for 24% of the staff out of a group size of 2610 employees – during a 2-year period. Even with a gym incentive i.e. if they visit the gym 8 times in a month, they would receive $20.

Abraham, J. M., Crespin, D. J., & Rothman, A. J. (2015).

Also, according to (Hibbard JH, Greene J. 2014) two incentives were given for a set duration to take part in exercising consistently. The incentive was $20 and an extra $20 for completing 8 online learning modules. 128,634 out of 144,675 DID NOT PARTICIPATE 88.91%!!

What does this indicate to you?

This illustrates that the general population in the corporate industry are indifferent to the incentives thus, bringing them more ‘stressors’ i.e. planning gym sessions, extra time – learning how to work out properly, which diet is appropriate. There is an overwhelming amount of information out there and which to choose from. Especially for a beginner.

The vast majority of people are constantly trying to learn something new and create new routines with great difficulty. Great amounts of people dislike ‘change’ particularly when it requires more will power than they have already – Therefore this becomes ‘Very challenging’.

Why working with a Personal Trainer differs?

McClaran S. R. (2003) found that when working with a Personal trainer x1 session a week, increased engagement and frequency of physical activity. As they had someone to discuss goals/barriers, progression and exercise with.

‘There was only 1% of the total participants that were negatively affected by working with a Personal Trainer’.

Vingård, E et al. (2009) researched a group of employees in the social sector which had a strong physical element. One group had a fitness program + professional advice once per week at lunch break. Other group didn’t have any support towards a fitness program.

First group results were: Improvement in health and workability + performance.


What Tempo Performance will do differently?

We will give you everything on silver platter which will be piping hot, correct amount, customised to the individual and delivered at the right time –  right to your fingertips’.

‘It will be almost as stressful as thinking – what to buy for lunch!’

Why does Tempo Performance believe that we can make a huge difference to your firm?

Primarily, our services are no shorter than ‘FIRST CLASS’

We will work with each one of your staff individually. As people are simply so diverse that there is not just one way of going about the fitness/wellness journey.

We will handcraft their total wellness package including the most appropriate method of delivery.

‘We will Walk then Jog Run

Keeping tasks as simple and straightforward as possible.

‘If you are a beginner and start with a Barbel Back squat, I promise you – 90-95% of people will set themselves up for failure!  As the correct form is very challenging and to have the functionality and strength to do so. This accounts for only about 5-10% of my starting clients who can perform this movement’ correctly.

 How does tempo performance personal trainers maximise your firm + employee performance?


Increased profit and turnover


Enhance employee commitment


More resilient work force to stress + illness


Improved loyalty and retention


Increased productivity


Increased self-efficacy


Saving on health insurance cost


Enhance employer’s economy



Easy road map for individual success for fitness, health and vitality.


Understand and minimise workforce functionality issues: posture, lower back/ neck pain.


Lower risk or eliminate of chronic diseases and conditions


Improved strength, endurance, mobility, fitness and focus through our tailored programs.


Learning and understand what diet and supplements are best for their brain chemistry and physiological inflammation.


Understanding how + when to switch brain on and off.




 Structure analysis and corrections 



Full body Metabolic analytics assessment



Full body Metabolic analytics assessment



 Lifestyle and stress management



1-2-1 & Group personal training sessions



1-2-1 & Group personal training sessions



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