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Fat Loss / Transformation

Tackling Fat loss/Transformation sometimes can be tricky as it is dependent on many different factors. Such as your genetics, lifestyle, function of hormones, stress levels, brain chemistry, body type, type of nutrition eaten and training achieved. Our team will get to the root of the problem and make your journey as simple and as enjoyable as possible.

Muscle building / Sculpting / Toning

Building a good physique can be a complex method for some people. As there are a lot of variables to consider. Muscle fibre type, neurotransmitter, personality type, speed of glucose and fat metabolism, duration of recovery from certain types of muscle building protocol. Our team will tailor and deliver ‘THE MOST EFFECTIVE’ Program and technique specifications for you.

Strength and Conditioning / Sport Performance

As a sports men and women everyone needs their specific requirements for performance. Here we will consider your level as Junior, Intermediate, Advanced or an Elite level athlete and construct your scientific and provide you with tested programs, nutrition and supplemental protocols. Sports groups we have worked with: -Football/Soccer -skiing -Basketball -golf -Boxing/MMA -bobsleigh -Short distance Sprinters -tennis -Rock climbing -dancing

Lifestyle and Nutrition

Lifestyle can have a big impact on our body from the foods that we choose to eat or how efficient our circadian rhythm works. As when sleep is deprived o r disturbed growth or changes to the body can be very slow. We will give you full support for your Nutrition and Lifestyle to help your performance at an optimal level.

Injury Rehab

We take Injury rehabilitation very seriously, from looking at the root of the problem first i.e. if you have Runners knee or a dislocated shoulder. We will provide an in-depth assessment to the affected areas + parameters and construct a custom-made program that will not only be tailored to your needs but decrease the chances of the injury occurring again.

Posture Reconstruction

Posture is one of the goals we set first in a program. If you cannot achieve the full range of motion in a movement or hold a correct form whilst performing a movement the injury risk can increase by up to 30%. ‘Walk before you can Run’ Our team will design a specifically modified, flexible including strength exercises to correct your posture in-balances.


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