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‘A Character World Class Service’ 

Tempo Performance brings a unique culture and methodology that caters to your personal Health and Fitness needs. Whether you are just wanting to keep fit or to get physically transformed or perhaps recover from a prolonged injury, we will work through every step of your journey together. Our aims:

1. We will LISTEN to you, ADVISE you and COACH you.
2. We have a strong belief in our GOAL orientated approach. 
3. We possess an acute attention to detail.
4. We will create an easy ROAD to follow. All you have to do is follow it!
5. We spend 500-700 hours yearly on our education and research.
6. We will advise you according to your Psychological, Physiological and Genetic PROFILE on how FREQUENTLY you need to train at the gym. (Ideal conditions are 4 days per week however, this depends on your hormonal recovery abilities between sessions) 
7. We will be ACCOUNTABLE for Recording and Tracking every REP / SET / REST INTERVAL. Watching your every movement, to make certain that you are developing in a progressive manner.
8. We will Audit you and review your eating habits as well as taking a 14 site calliper measurement, prescribing recommendations for NUTRIENTS and SUPPLEMENTATION ,when and where necessary. In addition, we will provide you with a greater understanding of which foods are most suited for you + for you to become self-sufficient in the management of achieving your goals.
9. We have an excellent world class facility renowned for being the most cost effective.
10. Lastly; you will acquire new skills and knowledge to last you a lifetime!

                  ‘This is why Tempo Performance is second to none’



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