How to look for a Personal Trainer in Central London?

How to look for a Personal Trainer in Central London?

Looking for a Personal Trainer, it can be quiet looming. As starting in a new gym the membership team will most likely just forward you to a Personal Trainer who is most readily available not best suited for you. It almost likes shopping ”Don’t buy the first Item you see !!”


What to Expect from an exceptional Personal Trainer in Central London:-

  • Knowledgeable by educating yourself and themselves also willing to share their knowledge alongside having a Growth Mindset.
  • Perform an Assessment to try to understand your current stage of health + fitness.
  • Focuses on your Progression physiologically and psychologically for your Short / Medium / Long Term Goals
  • Listen to you and earn your Trust
  • Have Client Results
  • Include Nutrition
  • Being able to show Motivation when needed.
  • Have some sort of Personality, not just a textbook standing.
  • Looking like they actually work out.

What type of Trainers do you need to avoid?

The Hard-ass

This trainer just wants to make you feel sick and immobile, so you won’t be able to move the next day. Not paying attention to are your biomechanically or physically ready for that exercise.

E.g., are you a beginner trying to perform a Barbell Back Squat on your first training session? YES/NO

Can you perform a BB Back Squat with the correct form? YES/NO (cues- can you sit on your calves, on lifting/concentric phase does your shoulder lift first, knees not caving in)

If ‘NO’


The Workout selfie Guru

This person has no experience with working with a client but they are spectacular great at taking a photo of themselves pumped and posting with a good Instagram filter. They have been around for 5 years + and there is no post of results of clients. As this may show that they aren’t a great fitness trainer. As most fitness trainers online, have a pre-packed program for their online programs which does not take into account the individual’s goals and needs.

What to expect on feeds:

Males: Showing all their veins from head to toe and with their 20-inch arm developed in 6 months selling their secret arm program …. With no results except themselves?

Females: To be taking picture of their booty over 3 times a week … just to get a following you go back 5 years and booty still looks the same? Program must be working!!!

+ Trying to sell you their butt blaster program and their specially crafted booty bands to get the enormous booty you been waiting for!! With no results of other clients?

The Therapist

This person will care a great deal about you, will be great at conversation, progress will be very slow and if any. You might just be with them because you feel they are a genially a good friend. When it’s time to push your body, they will take a relatively super slow approach.

e.g., if you wish to add 10kg on your squat they will recommend something in the lines of 8 months to a year of training for strength

(with a current squatting max of 87% of body weight)

‘Which is Real Slow for a beginner focusing on strength’


What other Red Flags to see if a Personal Trainer is right for you?

  • Continuously late
  • Over booking your session
  • Cancels session without a 24h notice
  • Smells bad
  • In session Eating a Meal
  • Using the same program- are they using the same program on yourself as other clients for a 70-year-old, 38 women who is pregnant, 24-year-old looking to gain muscle and an obese 36-year-old trying to lose weight?
  • Ignoring – is your Personal Trainer talking to others in your session, looking on social media, texting, are they disengaged from the session?
  • Not Education yourself or themselves  :-

1) Have they passed their Certificate and that’s it?

2) Are they into training science?

3) Has training philosophy evolved?

4) Do they ever provide you to a why you are doing their session?


How to choose a Personal Trainer ?

  1. Talk to a range on Personal Trainers
  2. Research Trainers  (check reviews/Results/Philosophy) 
  3. Take up a free Trial session/s
  4. Find out how you can be helped
  5. Are they suitable for your needs
  6. Compare the trainers journey plan for yourself
  7. Weigh out the Positives to Negative and adaptability
  8. Dose their cost match their Knowledge/Results/Character
  9. Find out What your PT goals are they Fitness or health Related ?
  10. Make a decision.